Turnaround & Financial Restructurings

For Trustees

Advanced CFO has served as a trustee and has helped many other trustees administer several large and complex cases.  We act as the trustee’s back-office, and we are familiar with the complex legal and accounting issues that arise in administering a trust. 

Services we have provided trustees include:

  • Cash management
  • Operational support
  • Claims analysis
  • Disbursing agents
  • Preference / fraudulent transfer recovery
  • Forensic accounting
  • Interim financing
  • On-site estate administration and management

Advanced CFO will take on as much of the heavy lifting as needed and is staffed to accommodate any sized project.  We welcome the opportunity to help administer your trust.

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"This was our bank’s first experience using a receivership to recover a credit. We just finished presenting the process and outcome of this credit to our board of directors, who were very pleased. Nice work!"Representative of the Secured Lender