Leaders in Outsourced CFO and Controller Services

We’re a different type of financial services firm.

Since 1996, Amplēo has provided part-time CFO and outsourced controller services to small and mid-size SaaS and ecommerce businesses. Our veteran consultants give businesses the strategic insights and day-to-day financial follow-through they need to become market leaders—at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time chief financial officer.

Our founder, Kent Thomas, recognized a growing need for virtual CFOs back in the early 1990s. An experienced and successful chief financial officer, himself, Kent believed that growing businesses desperately needed the financial acumen of advisors with years of industry experience.

He knew he could attract seasoned finance resources like these by offering them the chance to do their best work for high-potential clients—while enjoying unprecedented flexibility and work-life balance.

How We Work

Honesty, trust and transparency form the basis of our client relationships. We build and sustain this trust by making the right decisions for your firm—no matter what.

Five key elements drive financial success for every business


People and Culture
Build a team of trusted and capable people who will be accountable for your future success

Integrate finance, operations, and accounting software to stay informed

Processes and Controls
Streamline your day-to-day financial operations while making your data a competitive advantage

Financial Strategy
Create a detailed, strategic plan that lays out your model for success

Secure the right capital for growth—and meet the people who can help you reach your goals


Whether you need the financial wisdom of a CFO, outsourced controller services or basic bookkeeping, Amplēo has a wide range of expertise to offer your business. The choice is simple—either maintain your status quo or ignite innovation and incredible growth for your company.

“Via Ferrata”

An Italian mountain climbing term, Via Ferrata is a path secured with steel cables that allow climbers to navigate otherwise dangerous routes and achieve unprecedented heights. It’s a metaphor for how we help our clients—and part of what we call “The Amplēo Way.”

A Different Mindset

The Amplēo model attracts higher-level, forward-thinking consultants who possess an entrepreneurial mindset. Throughout their career, our consultants have demonstrated keen insight, internal drive and the ability to think strategically. They bring true leadership and vision to the CFO role. Moreover, they bring a powerful outsider’s perspective to your business—and the confidence to address those delicate issues that insiders often prefer to ignore. Equipped with true financial leadership, you can make better decisions that deliver better results.