Amplify your marketing machine with an Amplēo fractional CMO

The Challenging Marketing Landscape

Solving the marketing puzzle is tougher than ever. Unlike other business services, marketing…

  • Changes rapidly
  • Can vary widely in cost
  • Often lacks attribution and transparency
  • Tends to be mistrusted by CEOs
  • Can be very hard to hire for

Why Fractional Marketing?

Good CEOs surround themselves with the best people to make the magic happen. With an Amplēo fractional CMO, you can remove uncertainty, add accountability and transparency, and execute on a marketing strategy designed to fuel your aggressive revenue goals. Stop looking for a full-time resource. It often takes months, is very expensive, and in the end, you may get it wrong. Simply hire a CMO with decades of expertise—part-time.

Amplēo CMOs can:

1. Design your growth and brand strategy

Growth and marketing strategy development including brand, messaging, and positioning

2. Improve your marketing performance

Experienced management of your marketing team and agency partners

3. Decrease your acquisition costs

Funnel and channel optimization—online and offline

4. Grow your presence

Campaign and creative optimization to drive efficiency and impact

5. Increase your transparency

Marketing reporting, analytics, KPI development, and attribution

6. Accelerate your insights

Market, pricing, and customer research and insight

Go-To-Market Strategy

Perhaps you know what product to create and have an idea of who will buy it. You just don’t have any idea how to connect the two. That’s where Amplēo comes in. With a go-to-market strategy, you’ll be able to see the proper traverse for scaling your marketing mountain—from creation to launch. The key to a good go-to-market strategy is to get to revenue efficiently without wasting time and money.

Corporate Branding

Sometimes people know what your product or service does, but they don’t understand what your company stands for. When it comes time to launch another product, your company brand is critical. Amplēo can help you define and communicate your company brand so people begin to anticipate the new products you’ll deliver. A powerful corporate brand creates staying power and increases your value.

Company Repositioning

Sometimes you’ve jumped into a market and found it not to your liking, or you need to enter another market, but your current position prevents people from accepting you. In either case, you need repositioning help. Amplēo knows how to change your market position adeptly and completely. We know how to take you into new, more profitable markets as well.

Product Rollout

Creating new products is exciting. Getting them into the hands of the right customers is hard. Many times, great products fall prey to poor marketing execution and never reach their true market potential. Amplēo professionals have rolled out thousands of products using proven principles. Don’t trust your product rollout to a novice. Let the experts at Amplēo show you how.

Messaging and Positioning

Seems many of us can talk about our products, but writing it down, or teaching someone else how to tell the story is often perplexing. Amplēo can create Messaging and Positioning Strategies that lead to consistent and compelling marketing. A Messaging Strategy is like a blueprint for how you speak and write to your audience. It becomes the well from which all communication is drawn.

Company Launches

You’re the new kid. No one knows you. Your competitors will soon hate you. All you have is a name, a URL, and an unproven, unrecognized product. We’ll help you launch your company the right way, starting with your foundational strategies and branding, plumbing that delivers leads to you, and finally the marketing outreach that generates awareness and results.

New Product Launches

It takes careful planning and coordinated effort to create a market shockwave for your exciting new innovation. And it takes precision to get all the channels of communication aligned and telling the same compelling story. Amplēo has served as the master conductor for hundreds of orchestrated industry product launches, with the same result: impact.

Sales Acceleration

Perhaps people already know about your company or your product. Perhaps you have happy customers who use your product the way you intended. But you’re wondering why you can’t hit your revenue targets. Amplēo knows how to help you increase market awareness, make a bigger splash at events, and generate more leads for your sales teams.