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Ready for the next big adventure in your life?

At Amplēo, we’ve built an exclusive network of top-tier CFOs, CMOs, and CHROs who offer strategic insight and vision to growing businesses and start-ups across the country.

We’re looking for seasoned leaders to join a team of fractional executives people trust. Our fractional CFO, CMO, and CHRO work offers a unique, life-changing experience and change of pace for professionals weary of the corporate grind.

Amplēo does things differently for the benefit of its consultants and clients. Our fractional executives are highly engaged and love to work with exciting companies on the verge of explosive growth. At the same time, as independent contractors, Amplēo consultants control their work-life balance, compensation, and benefits while harvesting the rewards that come with making a tangible difference in today’s up-and-coming growth-oriented businesses.

The Amplēo Way

We appreciate and value the diversity and expertise of our executives. That’s why we have built a company culture based on mutual respect, transparency and open and honest feedback.

It’s simple. When you consult for Amplēo clients, we want you to:

  • Live your life and be with your family
  • Feel respected and listened to
  • Spend your time working with clients, not searching for new ones
  • Enjoy the same high output and input you enjoyed in the workforce without all the corporate baggage
  • Network with seasoned financial officers—virtually, in-person, and at our annual events
  • Work on your own terms and time
  • Have the full support of the Amplēo team and partners
  • Take advantage of free professional development opportunities and resources
  • Work with today’s best technology
  • Enjoy a diversity of work where your expertise and insights can make a tangible difference

By joining the network of Amplēo consultants, you’ll gain access to a variety of projects, businesses, and opportunities.

Amplēo professionals are 1099 independent contractors who enjoy all the benefits of self-employment while leaning on Amplēo for help with deal sourcing, administration, billing, and collaboration. If you’re a seasoned executive that wants more control in your career without all the stress of starting your own practice, Amplēo is right for you.

Why we're different

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Before You Apply

If you have experience in the SaaS, e-commerce, or energy industries or have worked with multi-entity businesses, we would love to hear from you! We’re looking for:

  • Established leaders and entrepreneurs with a proven record of historic success.
  • Perhaps you are nearing retirement or desire more balance in your life.
  • Independent self-starters who are self-sufficient and proactive.
  • Executives with the financial, marketing, or HR acumen to challenge the status quo and drive innovation and growth.

Open Positions

Turnaround, Restructuring, and Bankruptcy Professionals