Transaction Advisory Services

Keeping up with the marketplace is a challenge. Businesses today must constantly manage their portfolios to drive innovation and growth.

Amplēo can help you before, during, and after a transaction. Whether you are acquiring a new business or merging with a different company, we can jump in at any point in the process to protect your company’s interests.

We can prepare your books, identify and fix problematic compliance issues, and verify that controls are in place.

Whether you’re on the buy-side or the sell-side, we provide cash-to-revenue proof, inventory and trend analysis, and create a Quality of Earnings report to ensure you are well positioned.

We help value the new balance sheet and provide Purchase Price Allocation

Transaction advisory is more than preparing your books. Our consultants help you make critical strategic decisions, such as the best timing and the right partners and investors to work with. We’ll provide the due diligence necessary to put your best foot forward, combining trends analysis with EBITDA to provide you with the most accurate information possible.

Compared to other options, Amplēo is a lower-cost, more flexible option that delivers quality results quickly. If you already work with an accounting firm, we can partner with them to support your efforts, while providing a critical strategic perspective on your business and growth objectives. Traditional accounting firms focus on what you do. Amplēo focuses on the why.

Our transaction advisory experts can help you with:

  • Financial strategy
  • Quality of Earnings (QofE)
  • Inventory analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Identification of sources of capital
  • Introduction to potential investors
  • Cash to revenue proof
  • Enterprise valuation
  • Valuation consulting
  • Fairness option
  • Valuation analyses
  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
  • 409A
  • Gift and estate
  • ESOP
  • Intangible asset impairment
  • Goodwill impairment
  • Stock-based compensation
  • Derivative valuation
  • Portfolio valuation