Lincoln Howell featured on Meet & Potatoes Podcast

M&P Ep. 222 Lincoln Howell, Ampleo

Amplēo’s CEO, Lincoln Howell, joins host Garrett Clark in a captivating conversation in this episode of Meat & Potatoes.  Amplēo is a Utah-based company that specializes in offering fractional executive services tailored for startups with revenue ranging from 30M to 100M. Lincoln takes us on a journey through the remarkable genesis of Ampleo, unveils its current business model, and sheds light on Ampleo’s exciting expansion plans into marketing and HR services.

Founded in 1996, Ampleo embarked on its mission when fractional consulting was a rare concept. Drawing from a wealth of corporate finance experience, the visionary founder stepped in to demystify the numbers for startups and provide invaluable guidance on fostering growth. Fast forward to today, Ampleo has left an indelible mark, having assisted numerous companies spanning diverse industries. In the words of Lincoln Howell, “Over the last three years, clients have recognized they can get what they need from a fractional resource at a better price point without worrying about the infrastructure, overhead, and office space that clients might otherwise plan on with a full-time professional.”

Furthermore, Lincoln unveils Ampleo’s forward-looking strategy for expanding its service offerings. The company has diligently gathered feedback from its extensive roster of satisfied clients, recognizing a growing demand for expertise in marketing and human resources. To meet these evolving needs, Ampleo is venturing beyond the financial realm, assembling a team of experts with backgrounds in marketing and HR. As Lincoln states, “It’s not about the businesses, it’s about the people behind the businesses.” Join us in this episode to discover how Ampleo is revolutionizing the consulting landscape.

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