Fractional CFO, CMO and CHRO Services (and more) for SaaS, Ecommerce, Energy, and Multi-Entity Businesses

We know that every industry is unique. That’s why we pair our clients with fractional executives who have their fingers on the pulse of your market. Our consultants have years of experience transforming start-ups and small businesses into industry game-changers.

At Amplēo, we’re selective about our clients. We target the industries in which we have the most depth and experience—and can make the greatest impact. By focusing on SaaS and e-commerce, energy, and multi-entity businesses, we are able to bring to these industries a level of experience available nowhere else. We also work with many multi-outlet businesses with similar challenges, such as franchises and retail chains.

Our CFOs, CMOs, and CHROs have extensive cross-industry experience. In part, this broad exposure gives our professionals the insights and perspective to make your performance goals a reality.


The future of SaaS is growth. Faster and reliable Internet service—plus skyrocketing consumer demand—is driving software companies to offer more sophisticated web-based tools. Amplēo works extensively with small- and mid-size SaaS software companies (pre-revenue to Series A with $20M in yearly revenue), and our team is well suited to help businesses of this size take their revenues to the next level. Drawing on our years of industry experience, we can help you avoid preventable setbacks and focus on your key opportunities for growth.

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The ecommerce industry is expected to grow by almost $11 trillion between 2021 and 2025. The outlook for this industry has never been better. At Amplēo, we typically work with smaller, growth-oriented ecommerce businesses with $1M–$50M in revenue. Our team can help you gain clear insight into your financial and operational performance and plan for your next phase of growth.

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Energy / Solar

We are at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, but managing the financial side of solar businesses can be a challenge. At Amplēo, we help residential solar companies grow by managing cash flow, reviewing and providing expertise on revenue recognition, and managing banking relationships.

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Multi-Entity Businesses

Amplēo also serves multi-entity businesses, franchises, and retail industries throughout the United States. Businesses with multiple divisions, subsidiaries, or locations have unique concerns and issues.

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