Outsourced CFO Accounting Services

Financial strategy is the foundation for business success. 

Strategy must lead. Without the right financial mind, you get the data without the insights. Our CFOs understand that financial information crafted from an alignment with the business strategy is far more powerful than standard financial reporting.

Amplēo (formerly Advanced CFO) creates solutions to fit your business needs with clear milestones to measure success.



Growth Strategy

  • Strategic analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Mergers & acquisition support
  • KPI strategic & operational alignment
  • Ad-hoc analysis
  • Long-term forecasting
  • Scenario modeling

Financial Integrity

  • Accurate & reliable financials
  • Maximization of cash management
  • Scalable financial technology solutions
  • Tax services

Human & Financial Capital

  • Full-stack finance
  • Mentoring for finance teams
  • Strategies for raising capital




Access the mind and capabilities of a full-time CFO when you need it.
Like most business owners, you’re busy growing your business. What if you had a seasoned CFO who could take the guesswork and worry out of tough decisions at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee?

  • Maximize your results as you work alongside a trusted financial expert who acts as your business partner.
  • Draw from years of combined experience across industries to navigate unforeseen financial struggles.



Make intelligent, informed business decisions.

  • Build a story with your finances and align your strategy with your priorities. Bolster profit margins and increase revenue.
  • Share your vision with us, then let us develop and execute a financial approach to achieve it.



Make complicated things simple.

  • Access our accounting services that include oversight of an experienced controller or CFO. Obtain timely and accurate financial information.
  • Get tactical financial advice on growth plans, budgeting, financing, pricing, etc.



Maintain the life blood of your business—cash flow. Many business challenges can be attributed to a lack of cash available to invest in solutions or growth opportunities.

  • Employ proper cash management principles to access and utilize all of your current capital. We’ll help you plan for what future expenses might arise.




Understand that the quality of earnings and working capital requirements of a business is a key component of assessing value in a buy/sell process. 

  • Navigate the complexity of a transaction by using our experience to help maximize value and minimize risk during acquisitions, dispositions, and other material transactions.
  • Key aspects of a Quality of Earnings report include the following:
    • Fluctuations in annual and monthly financial information
    • Revenue and gross margin by product, customer or distribution segments
    • Operating expenses
    • Key balance sheet highlights
    • Normalized levels of working capital needed to operate the business
    • Customer and supplier contract review
    • Assessment of accounting/finance personnel