Finance is the Language of the Business

The human brain uses physiological responses to communicate important information on the status of the body. ie.: hunger, pain, anxiety, etc. These communications are designed to help prevent injury or death, by warning the body that danger is near and sparking some kind of response to the source of danger. Businesses communicate the same way — through signals that provide insight and information about the health of the business. The language used to communicate about a business’ health is finance.

Without understanding the primary language of business, it is extremely difficult to successfully navigate the treacherous waters that come with building a successful company. Many startups opt to go the “cheaper route” and do their own finances, but this can be costly in terms of opportunities lost, threats not avoided, and lack of visibility into the opportunities and threats of the future.

At Amplēo, seasoned veterans work with you to identify threats and opportunities to help your company grow and thrive. By hiring an outsourced CFO, your company gains access to a top professional, for significantly less than hiring a full-time internal CFO. Our consultants translate the language of finance to empower you to make better decisions for your company. 

If you’re not speaking the business language, you’re not fully able to understand what your business is communicating to you about its health. Our consultants translate finance-speak so that you can make the most informed decisions for the good of your company.

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