Orthopedic Financial Services Group (OFSG) is a financial services company that helps clients obtain necessary orthopedic healthcare by providing capital and access to its network of surgeons and surgery centers.  OFSG was founded in 2012 by Aries Capital Partners and Dow Medical Group to take a niche business and provide the capital and expertise to grow and expand into new markets.  Alan Macdonald was hired as the CEO, and the company has since opened offices in Las Vegas and Phoenix, with additional markets anticipated.


Finance, Medical Services.


How to meet rapid growth and obtain access to capital while improving controls and financial reporting.


Securing growth capital; Accurate and reliable cash flow forecasting; Assisting with the sale of the company.

Continued Success

Amplēo successfully assisted the original owners in selling the remainder of their business to an additional equity partner and are helping the business hire a full-time Compliance officer and CFO.


The significant growth OFSG was facing was adding pressure to the management team. In addition, they needed better information about and controls in their business and knew they would shortly be facing decisions about finding additional capital.


Amplēo was hired as part-time CFO and immediately helped them hire and train a new accounting manager to fill some known gaps. Shortly after Amplēo was engaged, the company expanded into another new market, increasing the demand for operating capital. Amplēo initially helped them secure their first operating capital from a bank in the form of a promissory note. Before long, it was time to secure additional capital and Amplēo assisted in securing an additional note from its equity partners. During this time, Amplēo assisted the business to improve its cash forecasting, profitability analysis and financial reporting, while significantly reducing the month end close cycle.

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