In 2013, Cupbop started as a Korean BBQ food truck in Salt Lake City. They have now grown into a household local quick-service restaurant brand with a total of 31 store locations and several food trucks. Cupbop dreams of becoming the first Korean food-based national chain in the US, as they focus on incorporating the values of fun, fast, giving, and Korean love into their business.


Food Service


Promote stable growth and obtain a system for obtaining valuable and actionable business insights based on reliable financials.


Provide a financial expert that uses strategic approaches to understand the best way to scale the company. Engage in financial best practices which include maintaining a reliable accounting system and operation.

Continued Success

Cupbop powers forward in its industry and is expanding rapidly. With the strategic guidance of Amplēo, Cupbop continues to further the dream of becoming the first Korean food-based national chain in the US.


After establishing a name for themselves in their market, the Cupbop team was ready to make a push for growth. However, their CEO and founder, Jung, quickly realized a commitment to stabilized growth meant a deliberate assessment of their financials and a solid system to gain valuable insights. At the time, Cupbop had 14 separate QuickBooks accounts. Consolidations took days to put together, and real-time reporting of the business was not yet developed. After determining it was time to bring a part-time CFO into the picture, Jung took on the guidance of an Amplēo consultant.


Amplēo came in ready for action. After making a thorough assessment of Cupbop's business structure, processes, and reporting, Amplēo's part-time CFO acted as the impetus for strategic growth, resulting in an explosion of efficiency and scaling. Amplēo aided Cupbop in identifying an enterprise restaurant accounting system that would meet their needs, resulting in real-time reporting and consolidations. As a result of establishing one common system, Amplēo was also able to simplify the payroll process and credit card charges. Amplēo also helped Cupbop understand its business as a whole by provided easy access to actionable insights via backing Cupbop's database and building custom BI reports.

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