Wayne Kapral
CFO / Turnaround & Restructuring Advisor

Wayne Kapral is a CFO at Amplēo who is well versed in the implementation, interpretation, and monitoring of a business plan and the translation of a plan into financial targets using a balanced scorecard method, along with dynamic financial models to measure the impact and achievability of revenue, gross margin, net margin, cash flow, EBITDA, and respective targets.

Before becoming a consultant at Amplēo in 2021, Wayne’s financial management background encompassed 23+ collective years of international and domestic private equity financial management, corporate governance experience within the fixed wing and rotary wing aerospace defense sector, aviation maintenance repair and overhaul, heavy and light aerospace manufacturing, and the government contracting industries. He also has 14+ accrued years of experience in audit, public accounting, forensic accounting, construction, real estate investment trust, retail, hospitality, and internal audit within the private equity sector.

Wayne spent 18 years as a Vice President / Chief Financial Officer for a Boeing Joint Venture with Alsalam Aerospace Industries in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia doing proposal submission, negotiating, and earning value management on seventy-two various contracts with a collective value of $3.2B.

Fun Facts/Hobbies

  • Traveling with his wife and daughter
  • Fossil hunting
  • Cooking on the BBQ
  • Involved with Habitat for Humanity


  • Bachelor’s in English Literature and Political Science from Pennsylvania State University
  • CFE with a DOD FMS Security Clearance
  • CPA