Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen is a CMO at Amplēo, where he leverages his extensive background in management, marketing, and operations to drive growth and profitability for the firm’s clients. With over 20 years of experience in executive management roles, Scott excels in strategy development, revenue management, analytics, and planning. His expertise spans various industries, making him a versatile asset to businesses at different stages of development. Scott’s bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish enhances his ability to lead diverse teams and manage international market expansions.

Before joining Amplēo, Scott dedicated over 20 years as a CMO, CRO, and GM, where he honed his skills in marketing, revenue management, and sales. His career is marked by successful contributions to the growth and sale of multiple early and mid-stage companies as well as public companies. Scott’s proven ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities through multi-department collaboration and resource management has consistently led to significant achievements in his roles.

Fun Facts/Hobbies

  • Family and Slopes: When not crunching numbers or leading corporate conquests, Scott is likely found on the ski slopes, teaching his family the fine art of gracefully falling down a mountain and getting back up again.
  • Lake Life: Summers are for the lake. Scott’s idea of a perfect day involves sun, water, and possibly a dramatic reenactment of the movie “Jaws” with family and friends.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication – University of Utah, Class of 2001. 
  • Spanish Proficiency – Not just ‘¿Dónde está la biblioteca?’, but actual, conversational Spanish.