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Visit Park City is a chamber of commerce and convention visitors bureau, a 501c6 nonprofit organization. They currently have nearly 1000 members made up of tourism businesses, professional services, non-profit organizations, and event organizers located all-around Park City, Summit County, and the surrounding areas.


In October 2020, Jennifer Wesselhoff was hired as the new CEO of Visit Park City. She inherited a well-managed organization with established HR policies that she wanted to refresh and update.  After reorganizing the organizational chart, she wished to provide training for a new Director of Operations and Culture who was just learning the HR components. Jennifer needed additional help not only training the new HR hire, but building out policy manuals, evaluating job descriptions, conducting a salary reassessment, and making sure they were following best practices while navigating some of the new issues related to COVID.


In June of 2021, Visit Park City needed someone quickly. With Amplēo’s smooth onboarding process, the Amplēo consultant was able to get up to speed and start training and mentoring their new Director of Operations and Culture. Amplēo acted as Visit Park City’s contracted HR manager, which gave Visit Park City a lot of flexibility and credibility within and outside the company.  Amplēo also helped with rewriting all of the job descriptions, updating the organizational chart, performing salary reassessments, and since Covid, making sure there were mental and physical wellness resources and policies around Covid and remote working. Jennifer said, “Bringing Amplēo on as a new set of fresh eyes has allowed Visit Park City to rethink all of its policies and procedures and make sure we are in alignment with the newest laws and the newest HR standards. As a CEO it was incredibly helpful to have someone outside of the organization who could serve as an unbiased representative to say, ‘Have you thought about this?’ and to help ensure that we were doing right by our employees.”


With Amplēo’s help, Visit Park City plans on evaluating and recreating its entire employee handbook. Additionally, Amplēo will continue to provide one-on-one customized training to Visit Park City until they are confident they can manage all of the HR components. Ultimately, Visit Park City will be given all the tools necessary to be able to transition from Amplēo to their own in-house staff person.


“The beauty of working with Amplēo is the flexibility.  We could have tried their services for a few months and at any point, we could decide to bring it in-house –  the flexibility allowed for minimal risk. The onboarding process with Amplēo was very quick and it only took a few meetings to bring them up to speed. They are not only a good option for contracted full-time help but they also are a great option if you are needing to bridge a transition gap.”

– Jennifer Wesselhoff, CEO at Visit Park City


“Amplēo is really good at what they do. They have a broad mix of resources that they offer. I clicked immediately with our Amplēo consultant. That relationship was built very fast not just because of the expertise and level of knowledge that he brought but because he brought a lot of credibility with him. He knew what we needed and I trusted that he had our back.”

– Jennifer Wesselhoff, CEO at Visit Park City

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