SaltStack is a forward-thinking software company based in Lehi Utah. SaltStack develops systems management software used by the world’s largest businesses and Web-scale infrastructures for data center automation, hybrid cloud building and orchestration, server provisioning, and application configuration management. They help cloud builders, data center operators, and enterprise IT organizations automate the most difficult and complex cloud management tasks with the speed and flexibility required by the most-advanced computing environments.  Ultimately, SaltStack is used to manage all the data center things including any cloud, infrastructure, virtualization, application stack, software, or code.


Once they proved their product, SaltStack recognized the need to be organized financially as they scaled their business and prepared to take on equity capital. 


Amplēo provided a proven CFO to assist its current financial team to develop meaningful and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) financials, as well as helped create its first set of Software as a Service (SAAS) operating metrics. Amplēo’s ability to scale through the process allowed SaltStack to grow to scale while staying lean. Recently, Amplēo assisted SaltStack in raising $30M in capital.‌ When the time was right to hire a full-time financial resource, Amplēo assisted in finding qualified and experienced candidates for the position.  


SaltStack has continued its dizzying growth, raising capital opportunistically, and is one of the most admired and sought-after software investments in Utah.

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