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In true garage start-up fashion, Makia Creations (Makia) was created and developed by two entrepreneurial-minded mothers, Alison Prince and Missy Smith. Makia was established to help women everywhere dive into the world of creativity and self-expression through innovative crafting. Makia operates the successful daily deal site and has been experiencing triple-digit growth over the last few years.


Makia’s accounting staff consisted of an outsourced bookkeeper that downloaded bank statements at the end of the month, reconciled them, and provided a cash-basis financial statement. The CEO needed a part-time, outsourced accounting support that could produce GAAP financial statements, provide real-time interim financial information, set up budgets, and help with strategic financial decisions.


Amplēo put into place a hosted accounting system, technologies to make the office paperless, and a team consisting of an outsourced bookkeeper, controller, and CFO.  Within short order, they began producing financial reports and analyses the CEO could use to make key strategic decisions about running the business.


Amplēo continues to successfully assist the original owners in managing their growth, improving efficiencies, and maintaining full visibility of the operations and financial health of the company.

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