GeoPointe is a B2B software company based out of Orange, California. GeoPointe is a top-rated Geolocation software that provides configurable solutions for sales, marketing, and development teams to improve efficiencies and streamline processes. At the time of the engagement, GeoPointe had over 1,500 customers with end users all over the world.  


GeoPointe was a bootstrap startup that had grown into several million in recurring revenue without any debt or equity investment. The CEO noticed emerging competitors and wanted to expand by finding the right investment partners and by launching or acquiring additional products. Management had difficulty knowing how fast they could grow without having to raise funds, or what funds would be needed to support their growth plans.


GeoPointe and Amplēo worked together to analyze the overall financial performance of the business against key metrics, convert their cash accounting to accrual accounting, build financial strategies, and plan capabilities to support accelerated growth plans.

Initially, GeoPointe used debt financing to build out a larger team and to support an increase in sales at a rate that was sustainable. After a year, the company determined it was time to find the right investment partner. Amplēo provided strategic and operational advice through the operations and investment search period. After the acquisition with The Ascent Group, Amplēo supported the team for about a year until they were fully integrated into the shared services team of The Ascent Group.


GeoPointe continues to grow and succeed with The Ascent Group and has merged with an Ascent formerly named Level Eleven.

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