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Kent Thomas, Amplēos founding partner, noticed a rapidly growing need for outsourced CFO work in the mid-90s. Through his years of experience in leading financial roles, Kent understood that the only way business owners would allow this critical work to be outsourced would be through relationships based on honesty, trust, and transparency. The integrity of our emphasis on relationships has been strongly maintained for 20 years, and is our first priority in serving our clients.

Our commitment is to uphold the trust that is instilled in us by making the right decisions—no matter what.

We commit to doing what’s right and acting in the best interest of our clients; not only in the day-to-day services we provide, but in recognizing when clients have outgrown our services and require full-time resources. From the first day of our engagement to the day we help you staff a qualified and trustworthy in-house financial officer, our commitment is to helping you move your business forward.


Amplēo is a resource for outsourced CFOs and accounting. We specialize in the management of your entire financial stack—from basic bookkeeping, financial reporting, and assistance in raising multiple rounds of funding, to guiding financial decisions that support your long-term growth objectives.

Our team of experienced CFOs will work as a partner in your business, looking out for your best interest and fostering growth in your company.



For up-and-coming businesses that need financial solutions, but who don’t need or can’t afford a full-time CFO, Amplēo is the perfect solution. We love seeing growing companies blossom and reach their goals with our help.



“Amplēo was the right answer at the right time.  They allowed us to have first class financial stewardship while we grew up as an organization and built our own finance team.  I’d recommend Kent and the Amplēo team to anyone (and I frequently do).”


Will West, Founder and Former CEO at Control4

“As a small company beginning to deal with mid-size company growth issues, we needed some guidance and advice. We found Amplēo and they fit the bill perfectly. They helped us update our financial reporting, improve our audit readiness, and create a layer of managerial reporting and forecasting that have been essential tools in running our business. I consider them a trusted partner that we will continue to rely on to augment our experience, knowledge, and acumen.”

Jeffery R. Nelson, M.B.A. SM(NRCM), President/CEO at Nelson Laboratories, Inc.

“Amplēo came in on little notice, and quickly helped us refine our cash-flow projections.  Their 13-week cash-flow forecasting methodology helped us deploy capital more rapidly, and avoid unnecessary dilution by over-capitalizing.  Amplēo is always professional and prompt, available at a moment’s notice, and a pleasure to work with. Overall the relationship was a huge win.”

Dave Bateman, Founder and CEO at Entrata (formerly Property Solutions International, Inc. )

“We were fortunate to meet Amplēo as we were launching our business.  Kent provided valuable feedback in our board meetings and during periods of high growth when cashflow management was critical and when early business structure and decisions were made.  Kent provided important strategic and financial direction to our business.”


Steve Bain, President & CEO at Simply Mac

“We have really enjoyed working with Amplēo over the past few years. They do a fantastic job of being able to perceive the needs of our company and then provide excellent direction and advice about any financial situation. We had a member of their staff on our team for several months and felt like he really helped to raise the bar on the accuracy of our financials and internal controls. When the time came for us to hire someone internally, Amplēo helped us to qualify exceptional candidates for the job and even assisted with the transition. In addition to the excellent work they provided our company,  we know  them to be honest, confidential and great people to work with. Without reservation, I would recommend Amplēo to any company in need of a good financial partner.”

Steve Palmer, Co-Founder at Thrive Life
“Amplēo has not only optimized our books, but they’ve shown us different ways of looking at our numbers that tell a story of the past and the future. They’re extremely organized and effective during their time with us, and have a great network of resources to pull from when a need arises. I can’t imagine Jane.com without them now.”
Mike McEwan, CEO at Jane.com

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