Patrick McMillan

CFO, Controller

Patrick has been told by many people that he has worked with that he is not your typical accountant. He loves numbers and spreadsheets as others love chocolate or coffee. He is committed to integrity, communication, and connection. His smile and joyful character are absolutely contagious.

Patrick has over 18 years of accounting experience. He has been a Corporate Controller and CFO, as well as an outsourced Controller and CFO since 2008. His industries include restaurants, franchises, IT/SaaS, and retail, with revenues ranging from $500k to $70M. He developed the budget that facilitated a locally owned franchise to increase their revenues by 170%, and the number of stores by 140%, in three years. He developed a company’s budget which secured a contract with 400 Costco stores nationwide. He has also facilitated turnarounds from years of loss to continual profits.

Patrick began his accounting career in the banking industry while in college. He soon branched out to start his own businesses, which helps him to understand the importance behind achieving specific goals. Patrick is familiar with mergers and acquisitions, and he enjoys working with startups and hyper-growth companies.

Having grown up in the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Tennessee, Patrick is an outdoor fanatic, enjoying biking, running, and camping. He thoroughly enjoys watching sunrises and sunsets. He is also an avid reader (mostly biographies), and he volunteers as a mentor and teacher with Fresh Start Ventures.

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