Matt Castleberry

Business Development Director/Partner

Matt Castleberry is a native of Utah and is the Director of Client Relations and Business Development for Amplēo. He has been in Sales for over half of his life and loves building new relationships with anyone he can. He has been involved in sales and marketing in a wide variety of industries including, Transportation, Finance, Banking, Advertising, HVAC, and Healthcare. He has worked for company’s ranging from LTL freight to lease finance.

Matt ran and operated his own company and has worked directly with owners for several others in their growth and/or turnaround efforts. He also has an ability to help move the sales process through at any level. He has four children from 18-3 and spends most of his free time with them in Utah’s beautiful outdoors. He is willing to try just about anything once and loves everything from motocross to fly fishing and just about anything in between.

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