Mark Jaggi


Mark Jaggi brings a wide range of experience in his nearly 20 years of financial management and over 10 years as a CFO.  He has driven significant financial restructuring and managed deals in multiple businesses including debt and equity raises, a reverse merger taking a company public, employee buyout, and numerous acquisitions and divestitures all while improving the bottom lines of each business he has engaged.  He has a record of revitalizing underperforming operations, recently reducing debt $90M and $8M, increasing sales 7% & EBITDA $6M (from a loss) while fully cash-constrained at one company and increasing sales more than 10% in his first year at another (both with over $100M revenue base.)   Earlier in his career and during a recession, he gained 20%+ annual sales increases and 80% profit increases (over 4 years).  He reduced debt from $300M to $40M and improved EBITDA from -$12M to +$6M over 2 years. He has been instrumental in multiple systems integrations and accounting systems and office consolidation from nine offices to one.

Mark launched his career in 1998 working seven years at the Ford Motor Company in Michigan, Utah, and Georgia after earning his undergraduate in finance at the University of Utah graduating magna cum laude while working as a shift supervisor for UPS.  He later received a Ford fellowship scholarship and earned his MBA from the Fuqua school of business at Duke University while working as a regional controller for Ford in Georgia.  After leaving Ford in 2005 He worked as director of finance, interim CFO, then full-time CFO for large to small companies. These companies included significant change management including bankruptcy reorganization, revitalizing a 90-year-old business in a decade long decline, a five load debt restructuring, and did so in a wide array of ownership structures (from private equity to multi-family owners.)  Mark returned to Utah in 2012 as the CFO of a well-known supplement company and took that company public through a reverse merger – after improving operations to create the first profit the company experienced in eight years after which he worked as a public company CFO for the next 2+ years.

He is a culture builder having evolved high-achievement, high-accountability teams leveraging goal alignment, incentive plans, benefits, training, and more.  He worked as the product development chairperson managing the development of over 100 finance professionals at Ford Motor Company including recruiting from top schools.

He has a history of close involvement with board of directors, auditors, shareholders, and banking partners in each of his positions as CFO. In 2009 he was a finalist for the Atlanta Business Chronicle “CFO of the Year” for small businesses.

Mark and his wife Elizabeth have six beautiful children who enjoy many different activities from avid soccer playing, skiing and golf, and now mountain biking and raising chickens.  Mark and Elizabeth both enjoy time with their children supporting their activities.

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