Amber Booth


Amber has 20 years of accounting experience across multiple industries including healthcare, retail, petroleum, logistics, and SaaS companies. She received commendations from peers as a result of her ability to accomplish priority tasks successfully and her ability to enhance the profitability of the companies she has worked for.

Currently, she is a strategic leader that oversees a team of 45 employees. She has a passion for solving problems as well as streamlining processes to improve efficiency. Her experience with multiple ERP systems in her field has built her into who she is today. Amber has worked within several levels of accounting departments, enabling her to identify bottlenecks and pathways for building a successful department.

When not working, Amber enjoys taking her sailboat out with her husband and kids to relax on the lake. She enjoys travel, camping, and anything outside. Amber also has a passion for sewing/embroidery, and making gifts for family and friends.

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