The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse and What It Means for You


On Friday March 10, 2023, Silicon Valley Bank failed and was placed under the FDIC’s control. With over $209 billion in assets, the SVB collapse represents the 2nd largest in US history.

What it means for you

Most of SVB’s clients are venture-backed startups and prominent VCs, so the impact of the failure will be widespread and effects our community heavily in terms of cash flow, payroll interruptions, and the potential for fraud.

What is Amplēo doing?

Since the news first broke, Amplēo consultants have been actively helping minimize the impact to our clients, collaborating across the entire network for solutions to problems with global currency, cash flow, and forward banking requirements. Amplēo clients benefit from having seasoned, strategic financial leadership in their corner.

With Amplēo you can

  • Mitigate the current financial risks to your business or venture.
  • See potential opportunities amid setbacks like SVB
  • Understand the immediate needs of your business and take the proper next steps
  • Learn how to implement key strategies that will help you navigate rough waters

Don’t try to tackle this monumental setback on your own. Contact us today and learn how we can help you navigate unexpected challenges like SVB and others that will inevitably come.