HR Services

A strong finance team drives business growth. So does a solid people strategy. Amplēo provides the right level of HR support.

Your employee workforce continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The ability to attract, hire, retain, and engage the best talent is one of the most important predictors of ongoing organizational success.

Through each of those growth stages, there are critical HR foundations, framework, and strategy that will ensure that the company is set up for long-term cultural success.


STARTUP (15 – 20 employees)

Your challenge

Building out a team and company workplace guidelines is a large undertaking. While you might want to spend your time streamlining the rest of your business, you may get mired in the hiring, legal, and administrative duties.


Our solution

Build out a strong employee base from the get-go. Engrain a culture of accountability. Our HR team will handle all of the essential HR core services, freeing up time for you to focus on nurturing your core business model.

  • Employee handbook
  • Hiring process strategy
  • Contract recruitment support
  • Compensation strategy
  • Legal hiring practices
  • FMLA/ADA administration
  • Benefit package design/management
  • Foundational HR training


GROWTH (20 – 49 employees)

Your challenge

Your business is scaling quickly, and while growth is exciting, you may start to feel some major growing pains. Internal role clarity as new positions are added can be a challenge. Hiring and onboarding key employees is important but often difficult, and a larger team requires more physical space, more attention, and clear processes.


Our solution

As your organization scales to cross the 50-employee mark, having the right processes in place to ensure compliance and continued scalability is crucial. Our team sets the right foundation in place, or will build upon your established backbone.

  • Interview process design
  • Contract recruitment support
  • Robust recruitment strategy
  • Onboarding process
  • HR technology implementation
  • Performance review process
  • Leadership training


ENTERPRISE (50+ employees)

Your challenge

Linking the people operations to company mission, values, and goals is still important. However, with internal teams likely now supporting day-to-day HR functions, it may be difficult for you to dedicate the time and energy to the long-term people strategy.


Our solution

Amplēo has the expertise and executive-level experience to lend to this critical phase of growth without the full-time investment of an executive-level salary.

We’ll ensure strategic alignment of company objectives and people processes aimed at driving maximum employee performance and high levels of engagement and retention.

  • Organizational structure
  • Career & succession planning
  • Diversity & inclusion strategy
  • Training & development strategy
  • Employee survey strategy
  • Compensation strategy