Mobile Learning

February 20, 2014 By Dave Chase

Years ago, when I was graduating from school I bought some sales 101 CDs to listen to on my drive to a new sales job.  Though the CDs are long gone and I’ve forgotten much of what I heard on those 6 CDs, I can still hear in my mind the words Brian Tracy, professional speaker and success expert, said about mobile learning…”Radio is like chewing gum for the ears.”

Whether out of shame or a desire to keep learning, in the intervening years, I have seldom let idle moments in my car go without listening to something of value.  Technology is making it easier and easier.  My current method of learning is to use through my smart phone.

I have also noted over the years that many of the successful people I know spend their travel time wisely and find ways to stretch and expand their professional knowledge.  Frankly, some of what I listen to is as much about what I enjoy, from early American historical figures to non-fiction adventure biographies (climbing, rescue, exploring, etc)…but even in these I find valuable experiences I can learn from.

Nurture your mind with great thoughts because you will never go any higher than you think.

David Chase has experience in small to medium private companies and large public companies as a senior operational and financial leader.  With 15 years in finance, a CFO of multiple entities and divisional EVP experience, Dave has a breadth of experience.  Dave has led or been instrumental in raising multiple rounds of equity and debt in excess of $450 million.


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