We’re still your stellar team from Advanced CFO.

We just have a new name.

The partners and team at Advanced CFO are excited to announce our new name.

The Story Behind Amplēo

Ampleo Video

We’ve come a long way from the start. Since 1995, Advanced CFO has found success trailblazing the way for ambitious companies to access top-tier financial resources.

In a world with few standards of what defines a CFO, there is some confusion about what a CFO does. A CFO is a financial growth strategist, not only an accountant. Therefore, a team of technical and strategically minded CFOs brings so much more than accurate financials.

The Advanced CFO team saw an opportunity to remind the world who we truly are, and we’ve done so by changing our name to more closely reflect what we do.

“Amplēo” is an evocative name that plays off the theme of amplifying results. In Latin, “Pleo” has to do with combining to create more. “Ampleo” then, connotes maximizing growth.

We believe that the name Amplēo more fully illustrates the difference between a daily accounting team and the hands-on, growth-oriented strategic financial expert that belongs on our team.

Advanced CFO is now Amplēo

Working with Amplēo means a step toward healthy growth, not just better accounting.

Don’t worry — we’re still the same team.

No one’s going anywhere. We still have the same friendly, outgoing, hustling financial gurus. We’re happy to be growing, and we’re excited to assist you in your growth too.

The Partners at Amplēo


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