Sam Villa is well known as a professional hair stylist, educator, and innovator. He has turned his passion into a multi-million dollar business that provides hair care tools, education, and other accessories for the hair care professional world.


Wholesale, retail, and education.


Managing rapid growth, cash flow, and financial information.


Increase both reliability and depth of financial information, and provide introductions to capital.

Continued Success

Amplēo assisted with financial reporting, helped secure an accounts receivable factoring loan, and made additional banking introductions to help the company grow.


The growth Sam Villa was facing was creating a short-term cash crunch for the business. In addition, they had just hired a new CEO who needed more rigorous information with long-term implications to make sound decisions about the business.


Amplēo engaged with a fractional controller to help tighten up financial controls, and created reporting that allowed the CEO to see the true financial picture and long-term cash flow implications of the business. Amplēo added a fractional CFO to facilitate introductions to lenders, and a factoring solution was found for the business that was a perfect fit for the short-term cash issue. With better information and additional liquidity, the CEO was able to identify and make cuts in expenses and support large product purchases for business growth.
As the company grew, Amplēo helped them find, hire, and train stronger accounting staff that reduced the time its part time controller was spending. That savings offset some of the cost of the new team, and the Company is able to have the information it needs for less than it was spending before Amplēo became involved. Their revenues have grown by 63% since engaging with Amplēo.

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