March 19, 2014


By Dave Chase

Advanced CFO Solutions has experience wonderful growth in the past year and as a result felt a strong desire to give back to the community.  As a result the company decided to align ourselves with an...

March 17, 2014

“Is the Audit Irrelevant?”

By Kent Thomas

This headline arrived in an e-mail newsletter this morning. I was intrigued enough by it that I read the article by James Doty, the Chairman of the PCAOB. It didn’t take long to get to his main poin...

March 10, 2014

What is Keeping Your CFO Up at Night?

By Dave Chase

We recently performed an informal survey of CFO’s that we work with regarding the things they worry about most for their company.  The results were not surprising.  The size of the company didn’...

March 03, 2014

Life-long learning – What’s Your Plan to Remain Competent?

By Casey Foote

How do you retain your competence? Perhaps it isn’t something that you think about often with the avalanche of daily meetings, e-mail, phone calls and texts but it is something that every business p...

March 03, 2014

Your Revenue Recognition may not be Recognizable Soon!

By Kent Thomas

If you are a “finance geek”, this will not be news to you, however, if your world does not revolve around financial and accounting reporting standards, this may come as quite a surprise. The entit...

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