February 20, 2014

Mobile Learning

By Dave Chase

Years ago, when I was graduating from school I bought some sales 101 CDs to listen to on my drive to a new sales job.  Though the CDs are long gone and I’ve forgotten much of what I heard on those ...

February 18, 2014

Accounting fraud is on the rise! Is your Business at Risk?

By Dave Chase

In a recent study, PwC US found that 45% of businesses in the U.S. reported that they suffered some type of fraud in the past two years and 24 % experienced accounting fraud, typically embezzlement of...

February 13, 2014

Life Rules

By Dave Chase

Integrity: Grandpa’s right, a handshake is all we need You name and your word…two of your most valuable possessions.  Do NOTHING to mar them.  Karl Maeser, an educator once said, “Plac...

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